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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Fall'n in Love With Leaf Printing

This week my 3rd and 4th grade students kicked off the first week of Fall by making leaf prints!! These leaves came off a sycamore tree and have a sort of fuzz on the back that soaks up the watercolors and allows them to blend beautifully! 

I let them paint it however they wanted. This student painted the sky on hers and asked me to take a picture of the leaf  against the sky to see the camouflage effect! 

We used the crayola 16 color box which is my absolute fav right now! 

 We tried it with other leaves too

Students learned about craftsmanship and we talked about keeping their paper background nice and clean without smudges.  

 My younger grades made crayon resist paintings and leaf rubbings with multiple colors. We are ready for Fall and cooloer temps in Houston!


  1. Natalie, this is such a beautiful project. I absolutely love how the students' artwork really pops with such intense colors. We at Creative Adventures would love to offer you a free copy of our new art activity book, if you're interested. You have such a great blog and we'd love to get to know you more!


  2. Beautiful! All so different but all so gorgeous. Jan

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  4. I would love to try these, they are so beautiful. Did you have to re-spray with water before printing, since watercolor dries so quickly? Thanks!

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